Release date August 1, 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland – April 24, 1829

For over 200 years, rituals performed on Saint Mark’s Eve have predicted the future. Imitating the superstitious practice, the Conway sisters hope to discover who they will marry. Sophie, the beautiful yet awkward misfit of the four, has yet to meet a man worthy of her heart. She is more interested in learning if the Parade of Souls is more than a wives’ tale. Headstrong and determined to discover the truth, she leaves the safety of her home in the dead of night and walks to the kirkyard. Sophie is intercepted at the gate by the town witch, who agrees to escort her onto the hallowed ground. Faced with the truth, Sophie recognizes one of the doomed souls and wishes she had never come.

As Sophie walks home alone, her chance encounter with Laird Owen Ramsey, a wealthy and handsome gentleman with a misunderstood reputation as an arrogant womanizer, accuses Sophie of being a lady of the night. Validating her belief in men, she swears he would be the last man she would ever marry. Then, discovering her friend battered beyond recognition, Sophie suspects Laird Ramsey is guilty of the crime.

Enthralled by her beauty, can Owen convince Sophie to forgive his transgression and win her heart? Can she discover the identity of the murderer before another woman dies, or even worse, she becomes the next victim?