Release date Summer of 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland – April 24, 1829

For over 200 years, rituals have been performed on Saint Mark’s Eve to predict the future. The Conway sisters hope to discover who they will someday marry. Sophie, the intellectual and awkward misfit of the family, is more interested in learning if the souls of those who die in the coming year will rise from the kirkyard graves and march into the church. Headstrong and determined to discover the truth, she leaves the safety of her home in the dead of night, hoping to witness the parade of souls.

After his parents’ death, Laird Owen Ramsey inherits the burden of managing the family estate. When riding home in the early morning hours of Saint Mark’s Eve, he encounters a woman, who he assumes is a lady of the night. Owen later learns Sophie’s true identity and regrets grievously offending her. Enthralled by her beauty and willingness to speak her mind, he must devise a way to make amends and win her heart.

The town witch encounters Sophie outside the kirkyard gate. Should she allow Sophie to witness the parade of souls and risk her seeing the spirit of someone she knows or, even worse, her own soul?