2018 Midwest Book Awards Finalist – Religion/Philosophy/Spirituality

2018 International Book Awards Finalist – New Age Fiction

Marie Michaels had a perfect life; a happy marriage to her college sweetheart, mother of two beautiful teenage children, and the owner of a successful business. Her life was everything she had imagined, until the day she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After undergoing several medical treatments, she loses her ability to hear making communication with her family and friends challenging. After slipping into a coma, lingering for several weeks, and expelling her last breath, she finds herself in the spiritual afterlife where she is greeted by her spirit guide, whose purpose is to protect and escort her to the other side. Distraught over her inability to tell her loved ones good-bye, her spirit guide grants Marie additional time to say her final farewells before they cross over together.

Since she cannot be seen or heard in the physical world, how will she convey her heartfelt messages? Will her soul find the closure it seeks before her time runs out on the third day?

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