Edinburgh, Scotland, 1828, a time when the homeless crowded for warmth in alleys, known as closes, and crime and body snatching were prevalent. For the past eighteen years, superstitious rumors circulated whenever Anna Stewart, the cursed witch, was nearby. But now, she is dead, or so they believe.

On October 31, Samhain, Anna opens her eyes to see the full moon, grasps the freshly turned soil of where she lay, and watches a pair of resurrectionists flee and disappear into the shadows of the kirkyard. Alone among the gravestones, she searches her mind for an explanation as she stares down at the open end of her casket deep within the ground.

The town healer, Haggadah Blyth, intercepts Anna’s walk home and insists she must reside with her, or risk being killed, again.

Douglas MacEwan, a successful owner of a mercantile shipping company, is in the city while his ships unload and take on cargo before returning to Virginia. He becomes ill and seeks a remedy from the old witch. His happenstance encounter with Anna leaves him spellbound by her beauty. He offers his assistance to find Anna’s murderer.

With little evidence, can Douglas discover who is responsible for killing Anna before the murderer finds where she is hiding? His only constraint is time.