A second chance romance – release date July 12, 2022

Elise and Gabe planned to attend the same university together. However, when her father passes away shortly after their high school graduation, Elise forfeits her dream to stay behind and manage the family bookstore. Even with the distance separating them, their love flourishes. Once Gabe graduates and secures employment, they wed.

After celebrating their first wedding anniversary, tragedy strikes when Gabe succumbs to injuries sustained from a traffic accident. Saddened to leave Elise, his spirit watches over his wife like a guardian angel while constantly questioning why he has not crossed over into Heaven.

Grief-stricken, Elise vows to never love another for the remainder of her life. As if being a young widow was not enough, the reality of being financially destitute is compounded by the discovery of her pregnancy. Her once bright future is now shadowed by the fear of single parenthood.

Carson, a successful real estate investor, is tired of living a bachelor’s life. By happenchance, he enters the bookstore and admires Elise’s confidence and beauty. Can Carson successfully tear down the protective wall encasing her heart? Will Elise allow herself to fall in love with Carson or uphold her promise to her deceased husband?