Confined to a local convent for the past six months, Rhoslyn is unable to conform to the strict rules established by the abbess. The beautiful, high-spirited seventeen-year-old resents her father for banishing her to the religious prison and yearns to return to Bardenham.

Many women seek the attention of Jayden, Aldwinster’s handsome young lord. A widow, Lady Carling, no longer has a home to call her own. She is determined to become his bride and the next Lady of Aldwinster.

Jayden does his best to distance himself from the widow’s unwanted advances. His prayers are answered when his father sends him to escort Rhoslyn to Aldwinster. Unfortunately, their feelings for each other are quite the opposite. Jayden is drawn to Rhoslyn’s mesmerizing aqua eyes, locks of brunette hair, and confident determination. However, her first impression of him is one of arrogance, a braggart, and womanizer.

Displeased to discover they are betrothed, will Jayden and Rhoslyn grow to love one another or will Lady Carling successfully win his heart?

Available April 21, 2020