Confined to a nunnery, Rhoslyn, a high-spirited seventeen-year-old, struggles to abide by the strict rules of the convent and yearns to return home to Bardenham. Her prayers are answered when Jayden, a young lord from Aldwinster, and his knight arrive with orders to escort her from the abbey. She ignores Jayden’s unwanted forwardness, his flirtatious stare, prying eyes, and arrogant demeanor throughout the journey to their destination.

Mesmerized by Rhoslyn’s aqua eyes, silky brunette hair, and feisty yet confident determination, Jayden finds the woman stunningly attractive. Accustomed to women swooning in his presence, he fails to understand her frigid behavior toward him.

A permanent guest of Aldwinster, Lady Carling, a widow, no longer has a home to call her own. She is determined to become Jayden’s bride and will undermine any woman who blocks her way, including Rhoslyn.

When Jayden and Rhoslyn learn of their betrothal, he vows to prove his loyalty and win her heart. Will she trust his change of character or continue to resist his affection and endure a loveless marriage?